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Monday, 7 August 2017


Hi everyone!

I missed you all, so as I've missed sharing my looks and adventures here on the blog.

Those who follow me for a long time, probably know that I've been focusing much more on my Instagram and haven't been very active on my blog lately. Since I've started living in between Lithuania and New York and constantly traveling back and forward, my life became a bit chaotic and it's getting busier every single day (which I'm really happy about since I get to do what I actually love).

I've never been very personal on the blog and there were always so many things happening 'behind the scenes' that you guys don't even get to see. Well, not anymore. I feel that there are already so many exciting things happening and I'll have so much more to share with you in the near future (various fashion projects & travel adventures), so I'm coming to you with it all right now and not later!

First things first, my new blog & Instagram name. It's been a long process, I'm not gonna lie. Coming up with a good brand name is a challenge and since my current one ''Amoureuse De Mode'' is so hard to remember and even to pronounce, it was driving me crazy for around 1-2 years. Well, after listening to so many suggestions, I made up my mind and I've decided that my real name has to be included in the blog's name. And after lots of hours thinking about it and writing down tons of different options, the decision was made and I'm super excited to introduce you guys to ''Ruta en Route''.

Let's be real, blogging can be so much more than only fashion. I absolutely love fashion world, however, I also love traveling, trying out new brunch spots, attending various events and in general, exploring life to the fullest. I'll still keep fashion as my main focus 100%, but I feel that this 'route' is so much more than that.

No more awkward conversations during the events when trying to explain what's my blog's name haha. Bye bye Amoureuse De Mode & hello Ruta en Route

I'm so grateful for all your support during these years & I'm looking forward to the future adventures!

Lots of love from NYC,

P.S. If you guys have any ideas for the future content, videos or projects in general, feel free to leave all your ideas down below!

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