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Thursday, 7 July 2016


Hello everyone! It's been A-G-E-S! To be honest, I've really missed this place as well as sharing my thoughts with all of you. Life has been so busy recently and if you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I was staying in London for a few weeks and had quite a hectic but very pleasant time. Oh dear, I still love London so so much. And I feel so grateful to experience it all, from coming here as a student with extremely hard challenges and finally staying as a tourist and getting to know this city in a completely different scenario.

I've lived in London for more than 2 years guys, so I now call it my second home. It's so nice to come back and know all the streets, people and have my favourite lunch/brunch/dinner spots. Every corner brings me memories, good or bad, I'm really appreciating them all. I'm not saying I'm not coming back, but definitely not soon. Although, I believe in 'Never Say Never' rule as life can be (and is) so unexpected these days. Everything is possible, right?

As I'm back in Lithuania now (not for too long), I have more time to catch up with all the blog posts and will finally finish my California vlog which took me ages to edit. However, today I'm here to show you my latest London outfit which I'm very excited about. I met this amazing guy Moeez in New York (he's a photographer) and oh damn, I absolutely love his work!!! I love these images A LOT and I really hope it's not the last time we work together. Big thumbs up for you mister!

I leave all the brands below and hope you guys enjoyed reading this (and loved the pictures of course!).

Speak to you soon,
Ruta x

Blazer, culottes, espadrilles ZARA / top FABITORIA / watch KOMONO

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