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Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Hello sun & ocean lovers! I have so much to share with you guys, so let's get started!

As you might now, I was traveling in California last week with my beloved one. Honestly, it was the best trip EVAH! I feel so blessed and grateful to have this opportunity to travel, keeping in mind I'm only 21, it's crazy. And you know what, this trip really made me understand how much traveling and exploring new cultures can change you as a person. If you knew me a few years ago, you would really see how much my thinking, my goals and my personality have changed. If you have a chance, always choose traveling instead of buying an expensive pair of Chanel shoes girls, it leaves memories for life!

Our trip started in San Francisco (flight Nyc-San Fran). We were incredibly lucky to stay at our Lithuanian friend's place with other amazing people who made our stay even more exciting. So, arriving on Saturday's evening and having a dinner in Italian restaurant was a blast. Next day, we all woke up around 7:30am as the most exciting event of the year was taking a place in San Francisco - Bay to Breakers. Basically, it's a marathon where people are dressed up in funny costumes (some didn't have any costumes or clothing at all hahah!), however most people just walk, dance, have fun and enjoy the most amazing atmosphere. And yes, I was a watermelon and Dovas - a kiwi (crying)!

The rest time we spent exploring the beautiful nature and all those breath-taking views (I've thought it only exists on Tumblr though). We saw the most amazing sunset under the Golden Gate bridge which I'll never ever forget. I won't lie, the weather wasn't that hot as it was extremely windy and we couldn't go to the beach, but WHO CARES, as soon as it's not raining or snowing, I'm happy about it!

This city is not comparable to New York, not at all! It's so calm and chilled out, you really feel like on holidays. Which is not bad, right?? I absolutely loved the nature, all those unique and bright flowers as well as colorful little houses in the suburbs. I truly recommend you guys visiting this city, I'm sure you'll find lots of inspiring places, delicious food & unseen nature!

Stay tuned for California adventure #2


  1. Gorgeous pictures! x

  2. you look awesome! amazing pics!

  3. How beautiful! You go girl <3

  4. I agree :) traveling is way better than expensive shoes! I used to live in SF and agree it's so much more relaxed than NYC. NYC is so much more stressful