Love List

Sunday, 20 December 2015


Hey ho! How are you doing guys? I'm sending you best wishes from my home Lithuania and hope you are all living in a Christmas spirit already! Please don't mind this black outfit, I have a bright Christmas jumper in my wardrobe and a tone of lovely socks with Santas too haha! 

I came back home a few days ago and after a few days of relaxation, I'm finally back with this modern /classy ish look from Lindex. As Lindex doesn't have stores all around the world and shopping online sometimes can be tricky, I believe it's really worth it showing you these pieces because you might love them a lot, who knows right??

Look at that bag. How gorgeous it is?? I love love love it so much, it just matches with absolutely everything and is like a little accessory to complete your look. Also, this set of a black top and culottes stole my heart straight away! I really like how versatile it is, as it can look casual but at the same time - fancy which is perfect to wear during the party season.

You can definitely go for any accessories to be honest, however I've decided to match my greys and chose Moda in Pelle ankle boots and my favourite Second Female wooly coat.



  1. love the minimalistic vibes! the studs on the boots are so cute! adds such a nice detail.

  2. Labiausiai įstrigo nagų lako spalva. Gražių švenčių Lietuvoje.