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Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Hello hello! Sorry for me being so quiet recently, but November is just crazy with its amount of work.. I've been intensively working on my newborn COMFESS (which is my new clothing label, in case you haven't seen it on my social media!) and even though it's something I absolutely loveee doing, it requires a lot of sleepless nights and concentration, so I hope you'll understand me! BUT, I'm not complaining at all and I'm back with this new post showing you guys my most loved glasses ever!

I did a collaboration with Bailey Nelson a few weeks ago and I'm still so so happy about it. As most of you probably know, I wear glasses and even though I prefer contact lenses sometimes, I think it's good to have a pair of nice glasses just for a change. So yes, I've been asked to pick a pair of my fave eyeglasses and I found theseeeee. Isn't it gorgeous?? I'm so in love with the colour, shape, quality, basically with everything about it and the brand itself. I would truly recommend Bailey Nelson to everyone as I believe everyone could find something they love in Bailey Nelson stores.

What's even more amazing, this model came together with a sunglasses cover so not only it's a pair of lovely glasses, it also looks super stylish as sunglasses. Ohhh, I'm really really happy about it and first time in my life I'm happy with wearing glasses haha!

Go & check their website for more designs and let me know if you need some tips on picking a new pair of glasses! x

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  1. Ruta the Well's glasses look smashing on you and so happy you love them as much as we do :)
    Enjoy them! Greetings, Bailey