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Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Hello hello! I'm finally here with a new outfit post after all that London Fashion Week madness. I know, fashion week is very exciting and inspirational, however as all things in life, despite all that awesomeness it has some pretty tiring moments as well. And it's completely normal! 

So, if you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, you guys probably know what was happening, if not, basically I was spending 3 first days of LFW attending various shows, presentations and bloggers events. Yes, it was very exciting for sure as I had an opportunity to meet new people, explore new designers and see the upcoming trends! Even though, fashion week can look as a pleasant time ONLY, it's actually not. You really get tired at the end of the day, I believe you get even more tired than working at the office as you have to wear heels most of the time, go from one place to another during the day, so you can just imagine how crazy is that!

Well, it's for sure one of the most special events for bloggers as we can meet founders of many different clothing brands, speak with them about the future collaborations etc, which is much more exciting than speaking with them through emails.

What about my look, today I'm showing you guys my first outfit from LFW which is super girly and monochrome. I really love this look not only because of this sweet style, but also because I was wearing my own designed top and it's such an amazing feeling to tell people that it's actually your own creation! 

I hope you guys like this look & stay tuned as more outfits' posts are coming up this week!


top COMFESS / trousers LAVISH ALICE / trench coat H&M / bag GOLDEN LANE / shoes SOFAB

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