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Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Hey guys, I know it's been a while since I last time posted here on the blog, however I'm back with this exciting collaboration with Lindex that I will tell you about a bit later! 

It's been such a busy time for me and, to be honest, I actually love buying busy because then I feel that I'm living the way I want, however you always have to sacrifice something as you can't always fit all your favourite activities in one day. Well, it's all only because of the brighter future and of having more time for blogging, so it's definitely worth it!

As you probably know, fashion week season is hitting all the biggest cities and it's coming to London this Friday already which is insane as I still have so many things to manage starting with outfits and events schedule in general. I'm very excited though as fashion week always brings new connections, you get inspired a lot and it's just a chance to share your own personal style with different photographers as well as inspire others.

Coming back to my collaboration with Lindex, in these pictures I'm wearing almost head to toe from their Autumn/Winter collection (Scarf, blazer & a skirt) and I just matched together some autumn ish pieces from Zara. I am also so inspired by this location, it was next to the Opera in London, and it made me instantly think about Rome or Paris and its insane architecture!

Hope you guys like this look & my new way of wearing scarfs!


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