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Thursday, 13 August 2015


Hello hello! Hope you are all doing great & taking a good care of your hair as this post will be exactly about it! I was contacted by LabelPR to become 1 of 10 exclusive bloggers for Mark Hill #MakeYourMark competition. Usually, I'm very picky when it comes to participating in competitions, however this time, 3 lucky winners will have an opportunity to spend the whole weekend in Marbella with everything included, how awesome is that?? I haven't been for a proper holiday for around 2 years now, so this would be just what I was waiting & dreaming about for a long time!

The other exciting thing is, I was sent 3 Mark Hill products to try out (which are not released yet!) that includes Styling Primer, XL Volume Amplifying Shampoo and Freeze Hold Hairspray. The main idea/ a task of this competition is to show you guys our favourite hairstyle made by using these all products. At first I thought it will be pretty hard to choose my favourite hairstyle, however I've realised that this summer I've got really addicted for the one I'm showing you in the images. I know, it's pretty simple, but I'm usually very busy in the morning so this is a way of making your hair a bit more special and, at the same time, simple & easy to style.

Talking about the products, I started hairstyling with the Mark Hill volumizing shampoo of course. The first feature that always grabs my attention is definitely a scent. I know, someone may think that the most important fact is if the product does its job, however I really care about the smell as well. Believe me, this shampoo has a perfect citrus smell. It refreshes your hair, volumizes it and it instantly becomes much softer than before washing. 

After drying my hair with a towel, I've used Mark Hill's Primer which I've actually never tried before! It helps you to control your hair, especially if it's as naughty as mine haha. Also, the scent is very pleasant, it actually smells like a very natural body lotion and I just love it. After this, as I never dry my hair with a hairdryer, I just left my hair to dry naturally. I'm very happy with the result as my hair became much more straight than usually (it's always very fluffy).

After drying my hair, I took one of my favourite things on my favourite things list - hair straightener wuhu! I know I know, it's bad for my hair, however I'm planning to cut them soon so now it's a perfect time to experiment. Firstly, I've straightened my hair and then made it a bit more messy by creating almost invisible, but still hair changing waves.

To make my hair look a bit more unique and comfy when being busy for the whole day, I've made a little braid on the right side of my hair and hide it behind my ear. To make it long-lasting, I've used a Mark Hill spray to complete this look. 

Thaat's it! A very simple hence not usual hairstyle that it's super easy to create & is just perfect for the summer time! Enjoy the last bits of summer and fingers crossed very soon I'll be able to share some exciting moments from the bloggers trip to Marbella!


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