Love List

Thursday, 9 July 2015


It's not even the weekend and I'm feeling like a princess already in this beautiful & romantic Lydia Rose Bright set! I'm not really into this super girly style usually, but this time I thought Why Not, I'm a woman and I need to make it clear haha! 

I usually catch myself wearing only sneakers and trousers instead of skirts or heels and honestly, I judge myself in this case. I find it so pretty when other ladies are wearing heels, skirts most of the time as they always look so classy & chic, however heels are my biggest enemy as I always feel so uncomfortable and get tired very quickly. (Especially here in London!)

I'm also very excited as this was my first (and hopefully not the last) collaboration with a fashion photographer Victoria Metaxas! I'm so happy that I met this talented girl and even happier that she has a such a nice & warm personality, couldn't be a better combination right?? Hope you guys love these pictures & my look, talk to you soon!



  1. I kinda need that top in my life! Loved the pics by the way.

  2. Sveika! Kažkada rašiau tau, prašydama, kad papasakotum apie savo sudijas, tačiau nekaip nesulaukiu, o gal praleidau? Jeigu taip nutiko, gal būtų galima nuorodą? Nes bandžiau tarp postų paieškoti, tačiau neradau.. :))

  3. In love with those details.... You're always wearing jewlries and sunglasses so well!