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Monday, 6 July 2015


Hello beautiful people! How are you doing? I still can't believe it's almost the middle of summer already! Time flies so so fast, the same as our age, I've turned 21 last weekend and it's still seems so weird haha! Honestly, I'm not really happy about that, I really enjoyed being 20, however there's nothing I can do so let's hope this year will bring me even more special moments & memories!

If talking about outfits, I'm in a "there's nothing to wear" situation recently. I believe this happens to everyone once in a while but it's one of those really frustrating things that makes me feel mad haha! Well, thanks to those smart & talented people who invented plane white t-shirts & jeans, this is always a safe choice and helps me to survive when these crazy moments happen!

It's a bit funny as this outfit doesn't really reflect my situation, however we've shooted this look a while ago when I didn't have this 'dressing crisis' at all. I remember when I've started my blog around 3 years ago, it was all about bright colours and loads of accessories. Now, I feel that my style changed a lot, however sometimes I still like to wear something extremely bright. Probably, I still have that little part of 'craving for bright colours' inside me!

Well, I still hope you find this look inspiring in the way of creating black&white combo & speak with you guys soon!


dress PRIMARK / vest THREE FLOOR / shoes EGO / glasses ZEROUV / watch DANIEL WELLINGTON

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