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Thursday, 4 June 2015


Hi guys! Finally I'm sharing with you moments from this exciting bloggers event I've been attending last Friday. I was invited to the fitness class with Swimwear365 & UK celebrities' personal trainer Russel from the Skinny Bitch Collective!

First of all, I had to leave at 6am. in the morning. Can you imagine how hard is to wake up so early when you usually sleep until 8-9am???Oh my...Well, at least we had drivers coming up and picking us straight from home which made everything so much easier! As soon as we've got to the Fitness First at the Baker Street, the most serious workout had happened!

To be honest with you, I haven't been to the gym for around a year now so I wasn't really sure how intense it's going to be for me and how steadfast I am! Happily, I had such a great 40 minutes workout which definitely motivated me to start exercising properly for the summer season!

It thought me once again - we only need to start doing something and things will naturally start finally working in its right way. STOP for laziness and let's start implementing our To Do list!


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