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Sunday, 31 May 2015


Today is Sunday which means - weekly favourites are here on my blog again! Basically, if you don't know, I've decided to do Weekly Favourites post every Sunday showing you guys my favourite products/accessories/clothing pieces or whatever I was loving the most during the week. I'll leave all the links down bellow of each picture to make it easier for you to find it online.

By the way, the beauty products are from a goody bag I've received on Friday during the bloggers event with Label PR, I promise to tell you more about it soon!

So let's get started!

1. PERFECT LEGS SKIN MIRACLE by Thisworks. This one is the most exciting things I've tried out this week! Summer is almost here, weather is getting super warm and my legs are pale as a piece of a white paper! As I'm not a big fan of skin colour tights, this product is a pure perfection for me. It really gives that summer-glow and little shimmering effect to your skin which is perfect during the summer. I've already tried it and I'm very happy about it! Even though, it says legs skin miracle, you can basically use it for the whole body which is great as well. Highly recommended! Find it here:

2. CRYSTAL NECKLACES. I've got these two beauties from a Lithuanian brand Infinity Official and it instantly became my favourite. I love minimal accessories and I was always wanting this kind of type - crystal ones. I've picked one in gold and another one in silver that I could match it with different accessories and I'm sure it will be my most wearable necklaces during the summer! Find it here

3. BLUSH PAPER. Okay, call me old fashioned but I've never seen the blush paper before! Seriously, it's such a cool thing! I'm pretty sure there are more brands selling this product but I've had a chance to try out these MAI COUTURE blush papers and I'm so excited about it! It's a must have when you are travelling or have only a clutch when going to a club. Well, you still need to use your fingers to blend it properly on your cheek bones but it's definitely a really handy product! Find it here:

4. TUMMY FIX. This week I've tried NIP + FAB for the first time and this tummy fix product seems to be a bestseller everywhere! Basically, this cream/gel is suppose to make your tummy toned, smoothed and tightened. It's hard to tell if it made any big difference so far, but I love its consistence so I'll definitely keep you updated on it! Find it here:

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