Love List

Sunday, 24 May 2015


Hey guys, happy weekend everyone! So I've decided to create some new, fresh ideas for my blog and the first one that came across my mind was - weekly favourites! Every week I find out some new favourite beauty products or the most wearable accessories for example and I think it's pretty useful to share it with you guys as maybe you are looking for exact products/things for your To Buy list.

So let's have a look what I was loving the most this week!

1. STRABERRIES. Well, I was loving these berries forever but this week I was really craving for them. We've bought a blender a week ago so strawberries are definitely one of my favourite ingredients for smoothies recipes or just simply as a snack.

            2. MIRROR SUNNIES. I have lots of sunnies but usually I pick my favourite ones and wear them for at least a week and only then I kind of realise that maybe it's the time to jump to a different choice! Well, this week ZEROUV mirror sunglasses was on my face pretty much everyday. Really like them not only because of the style, but they are very light and help to keep your hair in one place when you place them on your head. And it's very cheap as well! Check them out @

 3. BARRY M NAILPOLISH. I guess most of the girls that live in the UK have tried these nail polishes. It's definitely my favourite, they have a wide variety of different colours, it stays on your nails for a really long time and actually looks like long lasting gel nail paint! This week I'm loving their Olive colour.

  4. NARS LIQUID BLUSH. I've decided to stick to more healthy looking and not skin drying cosmetics. I was using ZOEVA pauder blush before but this liquid one is even more joyful for me! IT makes your skin shine very naturally and you can also mix it with your foundation to make skin glow.

 5. EDGE OF EMBER RINGS. Oh my, these rings...Even though it's gold and silver both together in one place, they are really matching each other and looks great with so many different outfits. Highly recommended if you are minimal style lover looking for some good quality jewellery pieces.


  1. I love everything you choice, the rings are awesome, and i have a little obsession with strawberries lately too!
    The Color Palette

  2. Love all of your weekly favorites, especially the fruit! Springtime just makes me crave sweet fruit even more :) xx