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Thursday, 9 April 2015


It's been a while since I last posted, but there was a reason! I went back home to visit my family for the Easter break and the only thing I wanted was to relax & forget that crazy-busy life in London. However, as I've stayed in Lithuania only for a week, it has been such a rush all the time that I didn't manage to do everything that was planned and meet all the people I wanted...Well, at least now I know that I need to go back home more often than every 6 months!

As soon as our plane landed in London, we've got the best surprise ever - amazing weather! I've actually fell as I was in Barcelona when I stepped out of a plane. I was waiting for this season A LOT as it's definitely my favourite one! London is just a different city during the spring/summer seasons, it's so alive, full of positive emotions and smiling people everywhere. Believe me, when you live in London, these little things make your life much easier and happier as all those rushing moments, busy weekdays become less exhausting.

While I was back home, I just couldn't miss visiting Julia Janus store. It's my second collaboration with this brand and I'm so pleased to work with them as I just love the quality and original pieces they create. I've picked this super light white top which is soooo soft, you can even feel it on your skin! Especially in spring, I always want light fabrics, not only in colour but also in the texture. I'm sure this top will be my favourite as it goes so easily with black leather pants (which are my fave) and basically any shoes!

Hope you guys love these images my boyfriend took in this wonderful location xx



  1. love this minimal look ;)

  2. Great look!)

  3. Batai labai super ir žiedlapiai nuotraukų backgroude nerealiai prie visko dera ir suteikia tokio romantiško žavesio fotkėms!
    Be to, nauja šukuosena tau labai tinka :)

  4. Labai dailus derinukas :))

  5. Tau kazkodel labai netinka aukstakulniai. Kazkoks tau svetimas isprievartautas stilius atrodo.