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Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Holla! I'm back with a new outfit post which definitely reflects my love for comfortable clothing. I believe that the way we dress makes a big influence to our mood sometimes (well, at least for ladies). And it's not about wearing heels or not wearing heels, it's about how you feel in clothes you are wearing. Actually, sometimes I feel super comfortable in a short dress and heels, however some days I prefer wearing my sneakers and denim jeans. Only when I'm comfy in what I'm wearing, I can completely forget about my look and concentrate on other (obviously more important) things!

This look is a perfect example how to create a comfy look even if you're wearing heels. Personally, I prefer matching trousers or shorts when I'm wearing heels, it definitely makes me feel more cozy and ready to rock the streets of London haha! I guess this look is just perfect for Sunday's brunch with your friends or a quick shopping in town. Honestly, I always thought that these kind of heels are very uncomfortable and difficult to walk, however I really really love them and it doesn't hurt my feet at all (well, at least for an hour or so).

I don't know if you guys realized that, but if you're following my blog from the very beginning, you may have noticed that I was really passionate about bright colours. I feel that my style and colour range definitely changed now and my wardrobe became lighter & less eccentric. I still love bright clothing, but I guess is just a matter of time!

Hope you guys like this look & I wish you all to find those cozy and comfy looks in your wardrobe as it really reflects on how we're feeling sometimes!

Btw, if you have a crush on the trousers (I definitely have), find them here


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