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Wednesday, 25 March 2015


After posting this outfit, I've made a decision to at least try to not wear trousers that often. I've realized that I don't remember the last time I was wearing a skirt or a dress which is not really usual for me. I think it's because my life became much busier and I feel more comfortable with jeans or pants, however 1. It's spring, 2. I'm a girl and 3. Skirts and dresses make my figure look even better so guys, I'm making a statement now - more skirts and dresses from tomorrow (fingers crossed it will work!).

Today I'm here with a really badass look haha! This time New Yorker turned me into a "biker/street kid" with these grey, black and dark green tones. Usually my style is pretty girly, I definitely love light & bright colours more than dark ones. However, I do believe that sometimes we all want to change ourselfs a bit so this outfit completely fits in this "let's be different" category. 

By the way, I got a bit bored of my long hair so during my visit to Lithuania (which is next week, wohoooo) I'm going to a hairdresser and let's hope my hair will look much better! I've actually started my blog when my hair was really short and it took me around 2 years to grow them back, but now I'm thinking about cutting them again. Do you guys think I should stick with this idea? If you have any suggestions, you are more than welcome to leave your comments down bellow!


head to toe NEW YORKER

ph Cristiana Malcica


  1. O tau ir toks derinys puikiai tinka :) Pavydžiu, kad turi tiek drąsos kirpti plaukus. Na, bet kadangi ne pirmą kartą, matyt, viskas kitaip :)

  2. Amazing outfit!

  3. Smagus outfitas :) tik man tavo ilgi plaukai gražūs ir gaila, kad kirpsi :)

  4. Tau labai tiko kai buvo peciu ilgio plaukai! Nors ir ilgi labai graziai atrodo, bet pavasaris turbut pasikeitimo metas :)