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Thursday, 5 March 2015


It's spring guys, finally!!! It's definitely my favourite season of all as I become so motivated and passionate about things, especially here in London.  I don't know if it's only me but spring makes this city really pleasant, I even would say MAGICAL. I love those moments when you finish work and it's still light outside, you can enjoy the breathtaking architecture, sit outside in a coffee shop and seems like all the problems and negative thoughts just disappear. 

So, continuing with "spring & other good feelings" theme, today I'm sharing with you guys my latest purchases which are obviously screaming SPRING! From my latest outfit posts you've probably noticed that pastel colours are on the top of my favourites list. I didn't do that on purpose, I mean I didn't plan to by everything in pale pink or creamy colour but you know, sometimes happens! Actually, I could also name these pieces as my favourites of the month, as I really love wearing them and using them. I've left a description and places where you can buy them so if you feel in love with any of them, all information is right here for you!


Pale pink pom pom from H&M. This little furry baby makes every bag look a bit more special and noticeable, believe me!

Cowboy hat from H&M. I know, you might say: "white hat??Do you really like washing so much?" BUT it didn't get any dirt  y e t and looks just fantastic with that golden accessory on it.

Bohemian necklaces from Primark. A few days ago I've decided to visit my old friend Primark (haven't been there for ages!!!) and found these super cute necklaces that I cannot wait to wear when the weather will get warm enough to wear short sleeves!

Milk Shake hair conditioner. Guys, it's the most awesome thing I've ever used for my hair!!! I've got this little bottle during the bloggers event at LFW and it smells like heaven! I'm not sure where to get it but I believe there are many brands selling them in different haircare or cosmetics stores. If you'll find it, grab it!


  1. i love the bracelets, those little details are the ones that complete an outfit!.

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  2. Kepurė labai labai graži!

  3. That hat ! Beautiful. X

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