Love List

Saturday, 3 January 2015


Hello guys, it's 2015, how exciting is that?? Hope you all had a wonderful New Years celebration and already set up new goals for 2015! Wish you all loads of energy, inspiration, new ideas and to do what you really love because only then you can reach your dreams!

Usually, during the Christmas time & New Years I am back in Lithuania, however this year I was staying here in London and spent time with my beloved boy & our lovely friends. It's very easy to feel the Christmas spirit here in London as this city is so so beautifully decorated during this period, it's hard to not love it! 

I don't know how about you, but I still imagine winter time with loads of snow so wearing a flowery top & leather jacket is pretty weird for me, even though I live in London for almost 2 years. Well, some things are just hard to get used to! And some are very easy! For example this flowery SHEINSIDE top (you can find it here). It's definitely one of my favorite pieces since I've got it! It looks perfect with denim jeans and I'm sure would look amazing with a bikini during the summer time. 

I matched it with my recent love high-waisted River Island jeans, New Yorker Leather jacket & red Zara booties that I bought last year & it's still on my favourites list! 


  1. Labai grazus derinys! Ir net sunku pagalvot, kad skirtas ziemos viduriuj :)))

  2. Tikraiiii keista kožą vidury žiemos matyt!! :D Bet labaii gerai atrodai, super:))

  3. Hi Ruta!
    I just found your blog somehow and wow, I love it! Just thought I should leave a comment and tell you that. Your pictures are so pretty and I find the way you dress really inspiring.
    And yeah, I'm in love with the bag/clutch you have in the b&w pic next to the description :) The clear plastic bag!

    Greetings from Finland,
    Rebecka / 7th Style