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Monday, 26 January 2015


Hope you guys had a lovely weekend and now are full of energy and motivation to move forward and do some wonderful things that make you feel happy! Even though, I hate waking up early in the morning, I kind of like Mondays (?!). It always brings me some new ideas, exciting emails (I just love love love checking my emails, one of my favourite things ever) and puts me on a working mode instantly. I would really recommend you to go to the gym in the morning or even take a walk, it wakes me up so quickly (tested already)!

Enough about morning problems, let's have a closer look to my outfit. And guys, I have to announce that I'm becoming a real shoe maniac. I have always loved shoes but not as much as now. I think it's because of my boyfriend as he has loads of shoes and still can't stop buying them! I wouldn't mind this fact, however the problem is - it doesn't fit in our flat anymore. I really do not know where to put them anymore. If you guys have any ideas where to place and how to organize your shoes, please let me know haha! 

Continuing on the shoe theme, I've bought these gorgeous sparkly babies from Zara this weekend. I know, I have bought sparkling sneakers from Aldo already, however I just couldn't leave these ones laying there on a shelf! Not only because of a price (yeas, it was on sale!), but also, the height of the heel is just perfect. So comfy and stylish, hard to not love it. Oh by the way, not sure if you've noticed, but the name of this blog post is dedicated to this new purchase. Since I saw these shoes, the first idea that came to my mind was - a new version of Cinderella's shoes. Well, the only big difference - I did not lost one. Yet!

Moreover, my new Front Row Shop lacy dress/top involved me into this Cinderella's story even more. Doesn't it remind you a princess dress? I really think it does! That white lace fabric & sparkling shoes made me really feel like 'Cinderella stepped out from a movie to a real world', no matter how stupid it may sound, I really like this version. Well, who wouldn't like to be a princess haha??


Transparent dress FRONT ROW SHOP / shoes & pants ZARA / jacket NEW YORKER / accessories EDGE of EMBER / knitwear SHEINSIDE / clutch ZARA


  1. Visad pasiziuriu tavo derinukus ir zaviuosi, bet nezinau ar pati isdrisciau panasiai eksperimentuoti, o ko gero reiktu pameginti! Good job! x