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Friday, 16 January 2015


I like January. I really do. All those big celebrations and lazy time during holidays is finally in the past. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas and I love holidays, it's just, I feel more productive and active when it all ends. It actually feels as spring and the new beginning is here waiting for me haha! 

A few days ago I received an email from VINTED offering me to prepare an article about my wardrobe detox/changes for you my lovely readers. I thought it's quite an interesting idea, so here I am, showing you guys how I'm planning to detox my clothing!

1. I would like to start with trousers as it's one of those a must have pieces in our wardrobe. While browsing trough my blog, I realised that I wear these black leather Zara pants way too much! Well, you know when you find your favorite and the comfiest ever ones, you just can't stop wearing them. It matches basically with everything in my wardrobe, it's good to have something like this. However, as spring is coming soon, I decided that I really need some changes, especially in a color range. I found these 3 beauties on ASOS and as you can see, pastels and white shades are coming to my wardrobe soon! I definitely prefer high wasted trousers as it looks more feminine for me and at the same time helps you to hide some imperfections after having lunch at Mcdonald's!

2. Hand accessories. I still can't believe I somehow stopped wearing accessories. I was a maniac long time ago, wearing loads of bracelets, rings, necklaces, basically everything what's possible. However, now I'm looking at my hands at there's just nothing. Okay, one ring. As now you can find so many gorgeous accessories in almost every store, I decided I need to refresh my accessories' section and include more minimal style rings and bracelets. I've checked my favorite online stores and this is what I loved & included in my a must buy list:

Rings: Top - Edge Of Ember, bottom - H&M  Bracelets: Top - H&M, bottom - Edge Of Ember

3. Skirts. I really love skirts and I would like to wear them more often! As I'm really busy since I moved here to London, I usually feel more comfy wearing pants as I can match them with sneakers and it makes my life a bit easier. It really does!  However, I decided to be more lady in a skirt type of girl this year. There's no particular reason, I just like to make changes in my wardrobe and my style! Have a look at my favorite picks:

From the left: ASOS, Front Row Shop, ASOS

Hope you guys found some pieces you like, they are all available online, so just check online shops I mentioned! I'm actually planning to make a bigger post soon with outfit combinations of my favourite Spring/summer pieces. Talk to you soon!



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