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Sunday, 7 December 2014


Hey guys! I'm pretty excited today because I'm sharing with you my first make-up "tutorial". It's not a completely "step by step" post, however I wanted to show you how I prepare for my day. It actually takes me 10-15min. so it's very quick & naturally looking makeup. Less talk, let's start!

In these pictures I start with putting concealer on, however before that, I always put a BB Cream. I usually use BarryM & Maybelline one.

Also, to make my makeup stay longer, I usually add a light powder on top & use a bronzer to make my cheekbones look more expressive. 

To end the look, I used this gorgeous Zoeva lipstick. Believe me, it's sooo good! It has that creamy texture, so your lips will never look dry.

Voila! So basically, I mostly focus on the eyeliner, brightening the cheekbones & use an orangy/burgundy/red ish lipstick!

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  1. O jau plaukai tavo kokie... <333