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Saturday, 27 December 2014


How are you everyone?? Hope you had a wonderful Christmas time with your beloved people & shared the love with everyone! Well yes, I'm running a bit late with this Christmassy images, however I just thought it could be a nice way to remember, what beautiful had happened during those few days. We took these pics a week ago in Winter Wonderland, here in London, and it really made me feel like I am a little girl again, so exciting! I really didn't think that all these celebrations this year will be that exciting for me as I caught a cold right before Christmas, however mulled wine, delicious food & good company made it very cozy & fun! 

Also, to treat ourselves a bit, yesterday me and my boyfriend had a little shopping as 26th of December is a Boxing Day here in UK! Honestly, people get crazy during that day as it's a first day of winter sales, and basically, all the stores have some cool deals & discounts! If you follow me on Instagram, you may already have seen some of my new purchases! By the way, I managed to find a really cool sparkling blazer which I will definitely wear during the New Year celebration, cannot wait for it (you can find it on my Instagram as well!).

I will try to get well soon and prepare some new outfit posts as some new items are just waiting for me in my wardrobe! Talk to you soon guys & let me know if you have any interesting post ideas that I could share on my blog!


Dressed head to toe in NEW YORKER


  1. Kaip fainai! Viskas taip graziai atrodo, tokiais fragmentais, bet tikrai kaip pasakoj :)