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Saturday, 1 November 2014


Hey hey, long time no see! I actually fell so bad all this time that I couldn't post that often but you know, happens in life. Guys, today I want to talk more about what is happening at the moment, why I am in London again and what's on my mind (crazy things are going on, believe me.)

To start with, I think some of you may already know that last year I got into my dream university UAL (University of the Arts, London) and studied BA Fashion Illustration as I was very passionate about drawing, art and I literally couldn't leave my home without a pencil in my bag since I was a child. However, this huge London city turned everything upside down. As you may realised, from the time I moved out from Lithuania, I became more active with my blog, I met some amazing people and had collaborations, projects that I was always dreaming about! This sounds just great, however I got so confused inside my head, I realised that there are so many things I want to do, I fell so motivated to move forward that university and especially drawing part started just slowing me down.

After one of my biggest decisions in my life, I decided to take a gap year from university and accomplish all my dreams, improve my skills and create something mine, something that I could be proud of. Even though I knew that you can always come back to studies, I was still scared and not sure if it's the right decision. Well, as cheesy it sounds, I listened to my heart and signed the papers for a year out from uni. I spent some time at home during the summer, organised everything in my head and calmed down. I made a few goals for myself: to find a job that inspires me and I could learn something useful from, create something mine that I would be proud of, meet some amazing people and, of course, improve my blog as much as I can!

As we moved to London few days ago, to be honest, we are a bit (or even more) stressed as we had to find where to live (in 4 days) and to find jobs to pay for our rent. It really makes you feel a bit lost in this huge city, but you have to be focused at the same time. Thanks God we are young, full of motivation, desire to work hard and learn as much as we can!

Okay, let's leave those difficult things behind! I'm so happy that two years ago I created this blog as it really motivates me even when everything is going slightly down. I've prepared so many projects that I'm more than excited to share with you guys, just need some time to put everything to the right places. Today I'm leaving you with my latest outfit with this gorgeous (however, the quality is surprisingly worse than I expected) ASOS skirt & the view of sunny London streets!

Enjoy your weekend & talk to you soon x


Skirt ASOS / top ZARA / necklace BIBJEWLRY / hand-watch DANIEL WELLINGTON / shoes RIVER ISLAND


  1. I proud to you my girl, I love you and good luck!
    P.S Galiu pasakyti, kad nuotraukos tampa į manasias panašios:)

    1. Greiciau atvaziuok i svecius:* O del fotkiu,tai dovas profas darosi!

  2. Beautiful!)

  3. nepaisant visų pokyčių ir nerimų, atrodai nuostabiai. o derinukas tikrai labai gražus.

    ir pasižiūrėjus į nuogas tavo kojas (na be pėdkelnių) ir pagalvojus apie tą šaltį pas mus už lango, supavydėjau tau :)

    1. Labai labai malonu girdeti:)) Na, pas mus jau irgi atsalo, galima pamirst apie nuogas kojas!

  4. Super derinukas! Tavo blogas tiesiog puikus! Keep going taip sakant! ;)