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Monday, 17 November 2014


When I was at school, I wasn't used to organise my time that much. There were loads of things to do, I kept forgetting those "must do" tasks and, obviously, I was always stressing about that. Only after a while I came to the decision to buy a notebook! At the moment, I can't imagine myself without it. Well, at least without google calendar. 

It's not a secret that London is a super busy city. You have to be really good in time managing in order to reach your goals and destinations! Few days ago, I received this little notebook from Smythson and just fell in love with it. Of course, I would be much more happier if this would be like a calendar type notebook, as it's much more easier to plan your everyday stuff when you have one. However, even if it's pretty simple inside, the cover of this little book is just gorgeous! Those little golden letters "Follow Your Dreams" make me feel so inspired that I decided to put all my wishes, dreams & future plans in there!

Do you guys use a notebook? I really think it's just a MUST HAVE for busy ladies, especially bloggers, right?



  1. I never thought about using an organiser for my blog, but I've kept reading recommendations that every blogger and non-bloggers too should use an organiser, and I've seen a great benefit from using one myself as well. I also love notebooks with inspirational quotes on the cover :) | Room 95

  2. lovely and inspiring notebook!

    I have lots of ntbks in my room and gahd I love collecting them! haha

    M xx

  3. TobulybÄ— visada slypi paprastume.. Labai!