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Friday, 7 November 2014


Hope you are all well! I actually wasn't really sure what to write about today but this idea came to my mind and I thought, as I moved to London, I should tell all of you guys, why I love this city and why I think it's so special. As I know quite a few people who are not enjoying London that much and you could also think, oh well, my friend was there and he/she told me it was super crowded, people are like crazy there, I would love to tell you what helped me to realise why this city is so special!

I am pretty sure you've noticed that the places, doesn't matter if it's a restaurant, a club or even a city, which are most of the time full of people, are the most popular ones. And I was always asking myself, why so many people come to London? It's so expensive, it's extremely busy, there's no time to just sit and relax honestly! After a one year in this city, I can truly say that I finally have an answer to this question.

Imagine when every single day you can find at least 10 people who seem inspiring for you from the first sight? Imagine a place which is full of creative people surrounding you in every corner: in a coffee shop, on a tube or just randomly on the street! This is London! I really think that there are so many opportunities in this city, you just have to be motivated and brave enough to take them. Of course, there are so many difficulties in this city as well. It's really hard to not think about the money as the prices are really high, but personally, I feel so motivated and inspired by how people here manage to do so many things at on time, how hard they work and what an extremely awesome results they reach!

I really believe that you need to find a place/ city which inspires you by its atmosphere and especially people, because only then you can make the best of yourself! For now, I think London is an exact place for me. I'm meeting so many talented people from the fashion industry, people who are believing in their selves so much, even if they are in the lowest point of their career. All these things are the biggest motivation for me at the moment and I really wish to find a place like this for all of you guys! 

If talking about my outfit, I just couldn't wait to show you guys this gorgeous GOLDENLANE bag! It's so versatile and modern, I just love it. It also has that sporty touch which makes me feel obsessed with it as I'm a true lover of matching sporty & classy styles! Also, I cannot stop wearing these ZARA fake leather trousers. Sooo comfy & goes well with everything from my wardrobe.

Wish you all a crazy weekend & see you soon!


Bag GOLDENLANE / blazer&trousers ZARA / heels GRACELAND / top LINDEX / sunglasses ZEROUV / watch DANIEL WELLINGTON

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