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Sunday, 21 September 2014


When people ask me, how would I describe my personal style, I am always saying that it's a mix of classy & edgy or sporty. And even if sometimes I am still wondering whether it's true or maybe my style is always changing, yesterday I realised that exactly these 3 styles matched together make me feel the most comfy ! I rarely wear heels so I usually choose sneakers or ankle shoes. Instead of some romantic style coats or jackets, I usually pick something more heavy, like a biker jacket, however, to add some variety to my outfits, I love matching a light romantic dress, some classic style trousers or a top.
I think it's quite difficult to find your own style, but as soon as you find it, all those shopping days (I am not a big lover of browsing through the stores the whole day) become much more easier as you always know what to pick! Well yes, you may say "it's easy to say", but it takes some time. The advice that I can give to you guys is, never be afraid of trying! If some item catches your eye in the store because of its exclusive look, always try, even if you think that maybe it's completely not your style. Few years ago, I was actually taking so many items with me to the fitting room as I had no idea what fits me the best. Now, when I do some shopping, I pick just a few of them and I'm almost 100 proc. sure that it will fit me!
I really believe that life is about trying and exploring new things, it's fun and at the same time helps us to find more about ourselfs!

dress REDLABEL / jacket & shoes ZARA / sunglasses ZEROUV