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Monday, 22 September 2014


Hey Loves ! Today it's all about the clothes, Autumn season and my favourite items. It's really hard to organize your wardrobe when you are travelling from one place to another. As I lived in London for a year, now came back to Lithuania for a few months and soon enough I'm going back to London again..some of my clothes are still in the bags hahah! 

Today I want to share my personal view to the Autumn trends and colours.Personally, I totally disagree with those, who think that this rainy and windy season is dedicated for dark colours, such as grey, black, brown and others. No, No and No! When the view outside is so grey (not always but most of the time), I just love to add some pastel or bright colours to my outfits.

I think that leather trousers, a top or a dress is just a must this season! I already have my favourite black leather (fake of course) trousers from Zara and a white leather skirt is on my wishlist as well! Also, I still have a little obsession for stripes and squares, so some classy trousers, skirt or shorts with these ornaments will always add something special to your image.

What about outwear, I would suggest fur, huge knitwear, leather jackets.. However, plane colours are highly recommended! It doesn't matter that white and other light colours are mostly suggested for spring/summer.Wear it during autumn/winter season as well, you'll be noticed in the streets for sure! 

My favourite accessory this season is definitely sunglasses! Yes, it's more useful during the summer but we have those beautiful sunny days in the autumn season as well. I suggest you to experiment with more detailed ones as it makes even the simplest outfit look more exclusive!

More of my autumn favourites you'll find in these pictures and now let's talk about VINTED.LT GIVEAWAY !


1. You must be a member of VINTED.LT
2. Post your favourite Autumn item on Instagram using #manovintedspinta and don't forget to add this one #ADMvinted
3. I'll pick the winner who will get 70lt (20euro) to spend on VINTED.LT !



  1. Great Post. nice to visit and walk :)

  2. Awesome!

  3. who won the give away?? can we see the pic??

  4. Rūta, kaip tave Nujaučiu, kadten lobynas :)

    1. Sveika! Zinok as nelabai ji naudoju, nes kai isvykau i Londona kazkaip neberadau laiko tam! Bet as planuoju greitu metu viska i Depop App sukelti, gali susirasti mane @Ruta_ADM :):)