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Monday, 1 September 2014


Time flies, it's autumn already but I still live in the summer memories! I wouldn't lie if I would say that it was a really great summer with loads of sunny and even super hot days, travels, different projects with ADM and of course many experiences that helped me to understand some complicated things in my life and improve my personality in different spheres ! Well, today it's the first day of autumn already but I would like to suggest you just to sit for a moment and think what you did during the summer, what you learnt and where you improved. I really believe that this "procedure" is very useful as sometimes we just forget how good we are at some points.
As autumn is the time when the weather becomes cooler and cooler, it always makes me wear those toneless colours as grey, black or brown but to be honest, I love them! I don't know why but I became a lover of the dark tones so I'm pretty sure you'll see them quite often on ADM this season.
Anyway, today I matched, at the moment, my favourite ZARA leather imitation trousers together with a long, classy rain coat. Super comfy & chick, what do you think?:)


  1. <3 Add this to the G+V scrollers )

  2. man tos tavo melynos, vadinamos 'pravtokes' tai dieviska, reik susirast ir man nusipirkti!!! Siaip super, man irgi taip artimas rudens rengimosi sezonas, patinka tie sluoksniai ir spalvytes ;)

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