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Monday, 29 September 2014


If someone would ask me: bowtie or just a tie, I would definitely go for a bow tie! I really think that it adds something, that makes a man look more stylish and original. Well yes, there are some occasions when a tie is just necessary, let's say for some business meetings or some parties, events with a special dress code. Otherwise, I would always prefer a bowtie as there is such a wide range of different colours, textures and, most importantly, so many new brands are launched especially for bowties. 
This time, huge thanks to BOWOB for this lovely one, that matched just perfectly with a suit and a purple shirt! The beauty of a bowties is that you don't really need to match it perfectly with trousers or a shirt, as people usually do. It can be completely different by it's texture, colour and print and it will look cool in any way.
Big YES for bowties & I would love to hear what you personally prefer and why !


suit, shirt & shoes ZARA / bowtie BOWOB


  1. Iš tikrųjų tos "varliukės" kartais taip nuvertinamos yra, bet realiai tai jos super atrodo!!! Kad ir šiuo atveju net visas vaizdas kažkaip nesiklijuoja jei bandai kaklaraištį įsivaizduot :o <3