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Sunday, 17 August 2014


After a long long time I'm making a new cosmetics review post! This time I am super happy because all the products I've received from Maybelline are just perfectly fitting my skin tone and my expectations. I really wanted to share my opinion with you guys as Maybelline is a brand that I am using the most often because of its quality and price.

So let's start and I really hope my advice will help you when picking some cosmetic items in the store!

1. SuperStay BETTER SKIN concealer. Definitely my favourite concealer so far! It masks all the spots perfectly and stays on your skin for the whole day. It has a very pleasant smell and soft texture. The colour I've got is 02 light/clair and it matches very well with my light brown/yellow ish skin.

2. Master Precise liquid eyeliner. I was using LINER EXPRESS Maybelline eyeliner before and I thought it's just perfect but believe me, this new one is a real master! The brush is like a marker so it helps you to make a perfect and straight line. A MUST have !

3. SuperStay BETTER SKIN flawless finish foundation. Honestly, I am not very picky for foundations. Usually I make the right choice and they just fit me hahah! As always, this one is 030 sand colour which fits perfectly for my yellow ish skin. The smell is pretty much the same as the product nr. 1 has and the texture is masking all the spots as well. Nothing super special in compare with other foundations but I would say it's a really good product!

4. Maybelline colorsensational SHINE GLOSS. I am not a lover of lip glosses as I prefer mat lipsticks but this one is quite nice if you want something soft and pleasant  for your lips. The colour is not that dark and bright as it looks like, well at least I don't like putting 3-4 layers to make it look the same as on the package. If you like when your lips look a bit shiny and glossy, take it !

     5. Maybelline the One by One VOLUM' EXPRESS mascara. The first thing I would like to say: really cool brush! Seriously. That round shape and rubbery bristles makes your eye lashes look longer and it doesn't leave any marks under your eye. Love it !



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