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Saturday, 5 July 2014


Times flies so fast. I came to London in September as 19 years old girl, a bit scared of the new beginning, new place, different language and many other things but...I cannot believe how one year can change your mind and view to the life. Seriously. Maybe it's because of London which I love so damn much. I met an extremely cool people here, gained some new experience, learned new things and the most importantly became inspired and motivated to do more and more to make my dreams become the reality. I found out my weaknesses and strengths as well as changed my personality in a definitely better way!

Even though I am 20 years old now (which means that from now on I'll be getting older and older much faster) I want to wish myself to become more patient and to learn to enjoy every second of my life as now I am usually stressing way too much !

A huge huge thanks and hundred of kisses for all the people who make me feel loved and special as this is the best feeling on earth which makes me feel the happiest ever & a massive thanks for all of you guys who support my blog as well as motivate me to do more and more !

P.S I am wearing this gorgeous Fabitoria crop top which was a perfect gift right before my birthday! Thank you so much guys x

Lots of love,

shoes & shorts ZARA / bag H&M / top FABITORIA / sunglasses ZEROUV


  1. Grazios basutes:)

  2. Labai grazios basutes!:)

  3. Prisidedu prie pagyru basutems :) Ir sveikinu su gimimo diena :)
    Linkejimai iš Vokietijos

  4. Wow, kaip grazu!:*
    O siti sortai man ziauriai primena mano vaikyste, nes, man atrodo, kad turejau labai labai panasius, kai buvau kokiu 7 metu! Haha, kas yra tikrai juokinga! :DD

    1. Aš irgi iš tikro pagalvojau,kad jie primena mano kūdikio laikus :D bet dabar viskas sugrįžta į madą,tai nėra ko stebėtis hahah !