Love List

Sunday, 27 April 2014


During this month I bought and tried quite many beauty products and some of them I found completely suitable for me ! That is why I want to share my opinion and experience with you guys and maybe some of them will join your cosmetic bag as well! 
Let's start !

1. KIKO mascara. I really fell in love with Kiko cosmetics since I moved to London. The price is affordable and the quality did not disappoint me yet. Actually, it reminds me Maybelline products which I used quite a lot. What about this mascara, well I don't know if it's the best mascara in the world but it really worked for me and it definitely makes my eyelashes look longer!

2. Kiko glossy lip balm. Love this product for sure ! It's without colour and has very wet and glossy texture. I really love the taste as well and it's just perfect for everyday's use !

3. My beloved Thierry Mugler perfume called Alien. I actually bought the toilet water because the smell of the perfume is super strong. I think it's quite exclusive smell and that's why I like it the most !

4. Kiko bronzer & compact pouder. These products are probably the most important when doing every make up. That's why I'm quite picky when buying them. Anyway, I love these Kiko babies because they stay on my face during the whole day at work or uni, so very recommended !

5. Barry M Liquid Eyeliner in colour blue. I am in love with this bright blue colour because it attracts everyone's eye and makes every look/outfit more exclusive and noticeable ! By the way, it stays on the skin for the whole day so you don't need to worry about it's condition!

6. Barry M Gelly nail polish. Really love it's texture and colour. It's so springish and your nails look like after a salon. It also has so many different colours so you can definitely chose your favourite one!

7. Lush lip scrub. I did a post about this product before but I just had to mention it here ! I still love it, the taste is amazing, the smell is super sweet. I recommend it for girls who are facing problems such as dry lips. It makes it much softer !

Tell me what you think ! Maybe you have already tried some of these products?


  1. I've only ever used Kiko eyeliner (which I never bought as it was gifted to me) but think they're products are quite pricey. That's not to say I'd rule them out completely, as if they're products are worth it, then a girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do. Thanks for follwing me on GFC. Let's get connected on all our social media too? xx

    1. Well, it's not super expensive but at least the quality is good ! Thank you darling !

  2. I've used Kiko's nailpolish but I've never used makeup
    I have just discovered your blog so I am your new follower.

    1. Thanks dear! Definitely need to try something ! :))

  3. Amazing blog, love this post !
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  4. I have not used KIKO products previously, but I will definitely keep an eye from now on. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! Love your blog. too and I am also following on GFC, Bloglovin and Facebook:)

    1. I really recommend you to try ! ;) Thanks dear !

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  7. great cosmetics, love your blog

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