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Saturday, 22 March 2014


ENG While visiting my boyfriend at Lacaster University (small town in the UK)  I had a chance to take these pictures with Fish Eye lens to make this post more interesting for you guys to watch ! These are my first pictures with this kind of "effect" and I would say that I really love the outcome. Well, it's not only about pictures for sure. I love thę new Nowistyle coat and bag that you see in the visuals. Actually, the whole outfit (except the shoes) is from this Japanese company and all the pieces are my favourite at the moment. 
Tell me guys what do you think about this look & a short introductory video!


LTU Kadangi šiuo metu esu ištrūkusi iš triukšmingojo Londono (kurį tikrai labai pamilau), be galo džiaugiuosi turėdama proga jums parodyti kažką naujo ! Kalbu apie Fish Eye efekto nuotraukas, kurių mano bloge iki šiol niekam neteko matyti. Nežinau kaip jums, bet man šios nuotraukos labai patinka, tad tikiuosi sulaukti ir jūsų nuomonės. Na, o mano derinukas skirtas ištikimiausiems partneriams Nowistyle ! Na, išskyrus batus.
Tiek paltukas, rankinė, kelnės, jau tapo mano numylėtiniais ir, manau, kad juos pamatysite tikrai ne kartą !

Gražios dienos & bučkiai


  1. Minimalizmas visada žavu. Puikus paltukas! :)

  2. Hi dear, i have found your blog on lookbook, and i'm absolutly in love with it.
    So, i have decided to talk a bit about your lifestyle in my blog, right?
    You can check out here:

    Your blog is so beautiful! Congratulations!
    Best Regards,
    Mariana Marques

    1. Thank you so so much dear ! I'm more than happy that u liked it <3

  3. Such a gorgeous look, love everything about it, you have beautiful sense of style darling! <3xoxo

  4. love the coat, the pants and everything about this outfit! i like your minimalistic style!