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Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Hey, guys !

I had some problems with photos uploading, but as you see everything is okay right now ! yeey.
Today I have prepared a little post about my new buys from a second-hand shop. Actually, I really love to go to those places which are full of cheap, however sometimes very stylish, unique garments. And what I love the most about that is that it's just a little chance to meet someone  with the same ones. What I usually do I recreate those buys with some interesting details, rivets or various strips to make tham more unusual.
I think that today was a really lucky day, because I have found these beauties ! I always dreamed about those "boyfriend" jeans and now I have it. What I have noticed fisrtly was a little lovely black bag with the golden details which attracted my eye so much. And those two lovely blouses, espeacially white one, it's my favourite from now ! Of course I will decorate it a little bit.
So, what do you think about it guys? And do you like to buy clothes in those second-hand shops?

Waiting for your comments !


  1. Iki konkurso pabaigos liko mažiau nei savaitė.Nepatingėk ir sudalyvauk konkurse !

  2. Kokie lobiai iš second-hand'o :) Įdomu labai kaip atrodo ta balta bliuska ant tavęs.

  3. awesome buy! Would love to see how you style these pretty pieces :)

    The Closet 365

    1. Thanks a lot ! You will see it as soon as possible ! promise

  4. Love the shirt so romantic !!
    And the bag !!