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Monday, 29 October 2012


"Dear, Autumn, please bring us more sunny days, because the wind and this coldness outside are making me feel very frozen..."
That's how I felt today while walking through the city center with my lovely friend Deimante. However, we had a really great photo shoot near "Vytautas the Great War Museum".I think this place perfectly matched with my outfit's colors, didn't it? 
So, for my today's look I have choosen to wear my new second-hand goody - as I called "military" jacket, comfy shoes, almost suitable fot the winter, and I also found my favourite panda hat which makes all the outfits look very funny !
What is more, I want to share with you my today's buy, my dream and my gorgeous - hand watch from  ALDO. I really love it, because it has 5 different bracelets so you can easily match it with every look !

Hope you will like this look,
bye bye 

Friday, 26 October 2012


Whaaaat's up?!

You know what? It's holiday, finally !
 I was waiting for this for sooo long, because I find it hard to do what I want  during a study period. Considering to my happiness, I decided to make this a little bit crazy, as I called "comics" photo shoot ! I was inspired by Andy Torres (who is one of my favourite bloggers) and her quite an old post
What is more, I have noticed that clothes and accessories with various comics prints become more and more popular and I really hope to find something special for me too:)
What's about my today's look, I was wearing my new diamond necklace ( you can also find it here, DIY denim shirt, H&M baseball jacket and what I love the most in this look - my mum's skirt that she was wearing in her young days.

So, what do you think about this look and that comics trend?

See You in the next post, guys !

Lots of kisses.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Hey, my lovelies !

How are you feeling during this fall period, guys? Hope you are not frozen too much !
What's about today, I had a lovely afternoon with my best friend Deimante (finally). We had a really great time at a bakery with a very tasty cocoa and absolutely delicious buns :)
So, what's about my outfit, today I am wearing my ornamented black Zara pants, my new "baby" - Diamond neclace, my favourite bright pink Pull&Bear jacket and a leo fur coat. 
What do you think about this look? Does my new neclace goes well with this outfit? 
Because I was searching for such an accessory for a really long time and finally have found it in Stradivarius.
 Actually, I felt in love with almost every necklace in that store !

See You in the next post.xx

 (A huge thanks for these photos, my dear photographer !)
Tuesday, 23 October 2012


A huge thanks and lots of love to my best friend Deimante for making my day !
It's my first video on the blog so I hope you will like it!
What do you think about this,guys?


By Deimante Dubauskaite


DIY DIY DIY it's everywhere ! 
More and more bloggers are going crazy about this trend.That's why I decided to show you many diferent ways of decorating your own clothes and even creating accessories. I was browsing on the internet, on various blogs and had found(in my opinion)some very unique ideas and I caaaan't wait to do it by myself. 
So take a look and I hope you will be inspired as well !

Saturday, 20 October 2012


Hey, my lovely followers !

I feel so so happy that the weekend is finally here. In this period of studying the only things I need are - relaxation and just doing NOTHING ! Of course, there are some works that I must to do this weekend, but I will leave it for a little bit later. So,today I want to show you (finally, because I coudn't find free time during the week) my DIY sweater and I can truly say that I am absolutely satisfied about the result ! It is a little bit too large for me, but still it looks so comfy( and it is !) and cute. What do you think about this? Because I really felt in love with those DIY ideas. 

 Have a nice and sunny weekend, guys !

Waiting for your comments and see you in the next post !

I want to say a huuuge THANK YOU for all of you, guys, because my follower's number has finally reached 100.
I really really appreciate this.

Kisses for all of you !