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Sunday, 30 September 2012


I feel realy happy that this Sunday I found a droplet of time to break away from everything concerned wih school ( I mean my homework and so on) because usually I set this day for studying( I think like most of you). But this time I threw all those unpleasant things away and decided to have a dinner with my parents in our favourite and "traditional"- Pizza Jazz.mmm
Today I have choosen to be a "dark lady". Probably because of the weather and coldness...brrr. 
I am wearing my new (actually not new, because it's from second-hand shop) leather skirt decorated by myself with a little colourful diamonds ! And also I finally found my favourite hat with a plenty of pearls, yeeey !

So take a look and keep in touch !

Saturday, 29 September 2012


A lovely afternoon with my lovely friend Deimante. Although, I am a little bit ill I couldn't stay at home when the weather is so sunny (and probably not for so long). Here are just few photos, because we had some problems with a camera...But still, it's better than nothing :)

Monday, 24 September 2012



       My own created dress is finally done! However, I just drew this model and choosen the material, because I don't actually know the technique of sewing, but maybe one day..I hope very soon I will gain those sewing skills. Today I will share just few photos with you that you could imagine how it looks !
    This is not the final result, but still I really love it.I will probably upset you a little bit, because I won't show you an outfit with this dress yet ( hehe !). I decided to keep it for one quite significant moment !
So,what do you think about this dress?

Sunday, 23 September 2012


      A beautiful day of my cousin's christening celebration. It was quite cold outside so I coudn't show you all the outfit while making these photos, because I had to wear my black UCB coat,brrr. However, in that chaos of children's laught, cry and other urgent activities I found a droplet of time to show you my outfit ! Here are just few and not very excellent quality photos, but still... 
So, for this time I have choosen my lovely cream-colored Zara skirt, one of the favourites golden blouse and as an accent - bright pink Zara jacket which is probably invisible for you righ now !

So take a look and I hope you will like it !

Friday, 21 September 2012


Hey, guys !

I have some great news today ! 
At first, I want to inform you that I have finally found some free time to create my Facebook site, so I would be really really happy if you could follow me there ! I promise, I will try to do my best and post my outfits as often as I can !
Secondly, I want to show you my look of the day - DENIM DIY ! This sunny Friday I am absolutely in love with Autumn ! It's quite warm, sun is shining, what could be better?? Considering to the weather I have choosen to wear my pale yellow pants, old but still my favourite cowboy shoes and my DIY denim shirt ( Actually, I am not very happy about the result of dyeing, but its price was something about 2 or 3 euros so whatever !)

Take a look and don't forget to visit my Facebook site !

Sunday, 16 September 2012


After a long long staying in my wardrobe this lovely Primark dress have finally 
escaped to the daylight ! I have bought it last winter, but I actually wore it just few times and I really don't know why. Maybe it was hard to match it with other clothes or maybe it didn't reflect my mood..
However, today it was perfectly suited for my outfit. I have also chosen to wear my favourite denim jacket and my lovely boots with a little bands on it !
Hope you will like this choice !


Hey, guys !

You know those days when you are just sitting at home and thinking that you have to do something more than just wathcing tv or doing nothing. So that's why yesterday my creativity overpowered me. I found these colourful diamonds( of course not real) and what I did first, I made my mobile phone shining ! In very truth, my sister said that I am a little bit crazy, but I think it won't be hard to buy a new case and change it. Furthermore, I have drawn some pictures also using these little diamonds. And I think I will show you something more with this way of decorating soon! 

So, what do you think about this?

Saturday, 8 September 2012


           ... just a short review of my today's look. This time I decided to wear my favourite leather jacket and my own decorated skirt. I think orange and blue goes really well together.
 What do you think?


Thursday, 6 September 2012


Hey, my lovely followers !

                 It's not difficult to feel that the weather becomes colder and colder in these days...But I think this  is not the worst factor because sun is shining and it makes me feel really happy ! I hope you feel the same:)
     This time I want to show you my new outfit which is very concerned with Autumn. I found my furry vest and I realized that it would be a good decision to wear it concidering to the weather. Also, I am wearing my new LOVE - shoes from Stradivarius with a golden ornaments, my one of the favourite bags from Zara and little black dress ! Oh, I also forgot my dad's cowboy hat which I have "occupied" from him !

Monday, 3 September 2012


Hey, lovelies!

   It's so beautiful weather right now and it makes me feel so happy ! I really don't know why..maybe because the weather seems like in the summer.
   Unfortunately, came my last year of school and I can truly say that I want to finish it as fast as possible !
But till that I have to pass my exams well so here are so many things that I have to do :( My plans to study in London require me to study hard, to draw a lot and also I have to pass an IELTS good luck for me  this year!
   What about my outfit, this time I am showing you my comfy and a little bit sporty, spontaneous outfit. I found my old Nike trainers which I loved so much before about two years and  now I felt in love again !
Also , as you see, I matched my new sweater and my lovely Zara summer shorts ! 

So take a look at my homy look !