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Thursday, 26 July 2012


Hello, bloggers !

    Today I want to represent you my look of the day BRIGHTNESS. Actually, I am really really sorry about the photos quality and a place where photos are taken..Because I didn't have a possibility  to take it in some better place, but however, I hope you will like this outfit ! This day I diceded to wear something bright ( as usually, because I am really in love with those bright colours ! I think you noticed that) and comfy, but at the same time a little bit fancy( because of my heels). So in this look you will see my lovely pink ZARA jacket and pants, which I have bought last summer ,but I still love it.. my starry top also from ZARA( funny, I can call myself  ZARA gir today !hehe) and my, as I usually say: lovely girly shoes, because it is with a band on the front ! 
So take a look !

Thank you for watching ! 

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Heeeey, my lovely followers!

        Sorry, guys,but I Am very busy now and I have no time to discuss about my day here, so I just want you to enjoy my photos and my new outfit.. and I really really hope that you will like it !

Thank you for watching !!!!
Sunday, 22 July 2012


Olá !

       Lazy lazy lazy...that's how I am feeling now ! I'm just sitting at home with my love, family and friends and I can truly say that it's just nice to do nothing. So that's why I got away for a minute to post a new outfit for you ! This time I decided to wear something really easy and comfy. In this look you will see my new Zara jacket ( I love it soooo much !), my Alladin pants which are really really comfortable, my lovely shoes and a big band in my hair, because it's very comfy when the hair is short. 
So take a look and I hope you will like it!


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Thursday, 19 July 2012


Bonjour !

       I'm very disappointed about the weather in our country..AGAIN. It is raining and raining, and raining all the time... But I won't show you my unhappy emotions anymore and I'll  represent you my new "rainy" look ! 
  So I think it's not strange that I decided to wear my "funny" boots, because of all that water around me(and it was the best desicion today!). Also I thought that it's a good idea to wear my own decorated shorts, because it's more comfy than skirt when the day is rainy and windy. And also I didn't forget my leather jacket which I love so much, because of those lapels and it's bright ginger colour. 
So take a look at these rainy photos and my smile( despite that nasty weather!) hehe.

Thank you for watching !!!

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Heeey !

     Today I want to represent you my JUNGLE look ! I called it jungle, because of my dark green skirt ( it's a new garment in my wardrobe) and all the atmospehere around me. Also, I had to wear my Zara jacket, because of that windy weather and I think it went quite well with this outfit.
 As you see, I didn't forget my favourite bag which I have bought this summer in Primark and of course my lovely Zara sunglasses. 
So take a look and I hope you will like it !

Sunday, 15 July 2012


Hey,guys !

          I'm really unhappy that I had to disappear for some time, because I was a little bit busy while having my birthday, visiting my friends in Vilnius and also I just finally came back from one really exciting festival in Lithuania so I had no time to write a new posts here. And also I am really sorry that I didn't get more photos of my outfits, but in this post I will show you some different outfits from all that time, while I was having fun far away from my computer.

                  So take a look and write down your opinion, because it is always nice to hear it!:)