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Saturday, 19 May 2012


Buonasera !
I want to represent you my look of the day which I called STRIPED, because of my striped pantyhose. Today, in my lovely city Kaunas, was a festival called " Street Music Day".And eventually, after  few rainy days the weather became really warm and sunny, so I just wanted to wear something funny and colourful.That's why I chosen this combination of my blue ZARA coat,  orange PRIMARK dress, striped pantyhose, platforms and cute floral band also from PRIMARK.  
Hope You will like it !


Hey , bloggers !
This is my second tutorial and I will show you how to renew your old sandals.
So, if  you want something new for  this summer, you can redo your sandals into a brilliant and original !
What you need is:

Power Gel
Little diamonds

And just  glue it up on your sandals.  (Diamionds position depends on your  imagination)
That's all ! 

So as you see it's a really simple example how to decorate your sandals ! And of course, it looks really outstanding:)
Hope you will like it !

Friday, 18 May 2012


..and here are some photos of my look of the day: GOLDEN :)

GOLDEN( 1.Tutorial)

Heeey !
This sunny day I decided to do something new. So I found my old black shirt blouse and slightly renewed it.
I think it's a really simple way how to adorn your old garment and also you will certainly catch people eye!
So look how to prepare for it :

1. Black or golden thread

2. Golden strip
3. Sew down your golden trip on the collar

4. Do the same on  the wrists

That's all ! I hope you will like it as much as I do and try to do it yourself :)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Something About The Fire

Hey, everybody ! This is my first post and I'm really happy that I finally managed to create my own blog ! This photoshoot was made with my best friend Deimante and the main idea why we decided to make this photoshoot was a mist( that's why photos quality is not so good). Also I wanted to show my new top which I love so much. It's quite romantic and that bright blue colour entranced me. Also, I decided to wear my golden jeans which goes well with my top and belt.
I hope you will like it ! :)