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Saturday, 29 December 2012


Hello hello, 

I'm so so sorry that it's hard to find some free time to tell you something more about my stay in Montreal, but I am trying so hard so I would be very happy if you won't judge me :( 

Today I prepared another post with a NOWISTYLE gift - a huge scarf which is really suitable for the winter season.  However, I find it a little bit hard to match it with other clothes, but I hope a result is quite good !

What do you think about this?

Waiting for your comments !


Friday, 28 December 2012


Hey !
Sorry guys, I didn't have enough time to prepare more interesting post, but I decided to share with you a short review of some days spent in Toronto & Montreal. In the first photos' mix I am showing you the fantastic views of Toronto with amazing glassy and golden buildings as well as people surrounding me. In the other combination - lovely photos with my baby love and some views from my first days in Montreal.
Hope you will like these & wait for a new post tomorrow !

P.S. Tomorrow night we are going to NEW YORK and that means that I'll prepare something really special for you, guys !

Can't wait !


Wednesday, 26 December 2012


My lovely readers, 

This is just a short post of my yesterday's look in our balcon, because the weather was so cold that I couldn't stay outside for more than ten minutes. However, hope you will like this look with my DIY sweater from the other post, zara skirt and my warm and comfy leopard winter hat.

By the way, I really love those bracelets from my own Santa, 
what do you think about them?

waiting for your you comments, guys !

Tuesday, 25 December 2012


 Hey guys !

I'm here with my second post straight from Canada. This time I want to share with you an amazing views from our trip to Niagara Falls. What I can truly say is that this place is really amazing. I have seen these beauties(falls) just from the pictures on google before and now I finally had a chance to see it in real. However, it was really cold outside and all the water from the falls was making us wet so we couldn't stay for more than about half an hour there. Hope you guys will visit Niagara soon ( or have visited already) because it's really increadible !

By the way, 
wish you had a really beautiful Christmas time, because I actually didn't have a chance to celebrate it like usual with my family, but sometimes  it's fun to have some new experience !

See you soon with a new outfit post !


Thursday, 20 December 2012


 Yesterday we had a really beautiful day. It was quite cold, but still we made these beautiful pictures of Montreal sight specially for you guys. I was very delighted and inspired by these totally amazing views which I believe will stay on my mind for a really long time. Those Christmas decorations, colourful lights and all the atmosphere just made you feel happy.
The other thing that I forgot to mention you  is that NOWISTYLE sent me the new clothes straight to Canada, so I am really happy about that and in this post I am sharing with you those gifts: a new shirt, shorts and a bag. What can I say about these is that they are really stylish and the quality is not as bad as I expected. 
That's probably all for this time guys, so wait for a new post and enjoy watching the photos !

see you soon !

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


 The plane has landed. After a long and tiring flight I have finally reached my destination - Montreal. It's so hard to describe that feeling when the first person that you see when you arrive is your beloved boy holding a sign with your name, a lovely flower and a beautiful smile on his face. After this surprising moment I had a little chance to take a glance at the city while going to my "new living place". You know, I felt really special. Especially, when Lithuania it's such a small country without those high buildings and now I'm here like in the other world with different people, atmosphere and of course delightful views. This is just a short post of a first day in this beautiful city of Canada. Sorry for just a small amount of photos this time, but I actually didn't have a chance to have my camera all the time with me. 
However, I will prepare a new outfit post tomorrow, so stay tuned !

bye bye

P.S. I couldn't stop myself from buying those beautiful shoes and accessories from H&M not only because they look really stylish and different for me, but also because they were on sale this time , just 13 dollars for everything ( lucky me !)

My beloved boy continued to impress me with the breakfast he made when I was still sleeping !