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Tuesday, 19 March 2019


Well, hello guys! I know it’s been AGES since the last time I wrote something here on the blog. However, I feel like 2019 will be (and already is) one of the most exciting years so far (starting with my career, travels and more personal events such as the wedding, which I know, is HUGE). Many of you follow my journey for a long time now and I truly want to share my experiences and the best travel tips here with you!

Talking about traveling, one of my latest trips was to Montreal together with Tourisme Montreal & ZapWater. I’m not sure if I ever shared this with you guys but Montreal has a special place in my heart. My fiance used to study there while we were in a long distance relationship (almost 7 years ago) and it was the first place I’ve visited so far from home. So, when the ZapWater team reached out and offered me to join them and experience Montreal together, I instantly said YES.

Since we’ve been to so many amazing places together, in this blog post I want to share top restaurants & places to go, so you have this handy little list of “THINGS TO DO” just in case you decide to visit Montreal any time soon!

Saturday, 2 March 2019


Wednesday, 25 October 2017


Not gonna lie guys, it's been ages since the last time I went to the gym. It's just the reality of living in the crazy busy city & working all day every day. Of course, there's always time for everything, it's probably just me being lazy & looking for excuses!

However, I've proved myself one more time that new gym clothes MOTIVATE, don't you agree? Maybe it's just me? In any way, since I was sent this stunning set from Peony & Me I can truly say, it made me sign for a monthly gym membership. I went for a printed leggings, white sports bra and this unique bomber jacket that makes my gymwear look so exclusive. You can shop this entire look by clicking here.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017